Serious Cocaine Side Effects On Health

cocaine side effects


Cocaine is a very addictive central nervous system stimulant. Lots of people, particularly in the United States are abusing Cocaine and getting destroyed. According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health in 2017, about 1.6 million Americans over age 12 were identified as Cocaine users. Widespread Cocaine abuse in the US may be on account of ignorance of severe side effects of Cocaine abuse on health.

Cocaine is just one among the illegal drugs that have strong negative results on the well-being of the abuser. Dreadful negative effects are found in mind, heart and a number of other vital organs causing long-term and life-threatening effects among Cocaine abusers.


Frequent Cocaine Side Effects

• Unwanted effects on brain

Cocaine gives pleasurable experiences like euphoria, excitement, sociability, and increased energy flow. However, several side effects including anxiety, dizziness, nausea, psychosis, confusion and irritation are observed with Cocaine usage. These are caused by alteration of responses of neurotransmitters such as dopamine, serotonin, norepinephrine, and others.

Dysphoric mood, exhaustion, unpleasant dreams, insomnia or hypersomnia, hallucinations, and melancholy can also be seen as the frequent side effects of Cocaine. Loss of consciousness and diarrhea are also serious side effects of Cocaine abuse.

• Unwanted effects on throat

As cocaine is chiefly inhaled, it impacts the nasal throat and contraction. Nasal irritation, recurrent nosebleeds, and sinusitis are observed because of diminished blood supply. Difficulty in swallowing, hoarseness, cough and continuous sore throat are caused by inhalation of cocaine vapors.

• Unwanted effects on lungs

Most respiratory and lung complications would be the immediate effects of smoking Cocaine. Residues of Cocaine in lungs cause chronic bronchitis and chronic cough. The capacity of lungs to process the gases is damaged by Cocaine. A persistent cough with black, non-bloody phlegm is observed leading to shortness of breath and chest pain. Occasionally fluid may enter the lungs causing pulmonary edema which contributes to respiratory failure and death.

• Unwanted effects on heart

Cocaine is responsible for stimulation of sympathetic nervous system mainly on hormone referred to as adrenaline. This produces an immediate impact on the cardiovascular system. Increased heart rate and high blood pressure are brought on by Cocaine abuse. Acute usage of Cocaine narrows the arteries, which can be termed as vasospasm. It decreases blood flow to the heart causing chest pain, heart attack and might even result in death.

Some other complications of Cocaine in cardiovascular system comprise abnormal heart rhythms, heart muscle infection called cardiomyopathy, and dissection of aortic walls termed femoral rupture. Chronic usage of Cocaine accelerates hardening and following lack of coronary arteries.

• Unwanted effects on skin

Dependent on the manner of ingestion, the consequences of Cocaine use on skin fluctuate. After the drug is absorbed by injections, open sores and skin ulcers are due to the rapid destruction of skin tissues. Skin infections such as cellulitis or abscesses might rise as a consequence of open sores in these persons. Smoking Cocaine can cause problems like a deep breath and sharp chest pain. The air from the lungs gets trapped beneath the skin of neck causing severe pain when touched. This problem is termed as subcutaneous emphysema.

Whatever the manner of ingestion, Cocaine triggers fornication and dermatillomania. Long-term Cocaine use contributes to a hallucination disorder called formication. The flux feels just like bugs crawling beneath the epidermis. So, the individual scratches the skin that contributes to lesions, infection and bleeding. Paranoia and obsessive behavior of heroin abusers contribute to a pathological skin picking disorder called as dermatillomania. Moles and skin are picked up by the abused person creating open sores. The immune system of the Cocaine-abusing individual is diminished and this might lead to more time for healing the sores.



Cocaine Dangers

Consumption of Cocaine contributes to most serious side effects in major areas of the human body including brain, lungs and heart. This affects the complete health of the abuser. Additionally, Cocaine also causes damage to liver, kidneys, and eyes. The consequences get worse by the constant use of Cocaine and thus it’s imperative to avoid or stop Cocaine consumption. People should know about the damaging effects of cocaine on health to give up or remain away from Cocaine.


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