How Much Cocaine Is Too Much?

how much cocaine is too much


How Much Cocaine Is Bad For Me?

It was not a long time ago when our friend, a dentist, treated a woman who’d done so much cocaine. The dentist told us it had rotted a hole between her mouth and nose, in addition to perforating her nasal septum. This lady had a 1″ by .5″ wide black rotten pit on the roof of the mouth, through which her rotting nose would drip. Her mouth was her mind’s own colostomy bag.

She was 40 years old at the time. She had been using cocaine daily for a long times, most probably 16 to18 months. It does not really seem long enough to hollow the skull.  They repaired it with a chunk of her tongue, which they flapped over and sewed to her palette. She also had damage to her lateral nasal walls, which will cause what is called saddle nose deformity. In other words, her nose will fall in on her face, that’s unless she remains off the marching powder.


Symptoms Of Cocaine Use

If this has made you delete your trader’s number and stick your fingers up your nose to check the integrity of the delicate divider, then do not worry. You’ll find a couple of warning shots before you wake up with the greater part of the nasal cavity in a bloody lump on the cushion. First, your nose will feel itchy, then you’ll start getting good crusty goliaths of scabs up there irresistible to choose, then recurrent nose bleeds. You will notice that, especially in the morning. Some facial pain caused by clogged sinuses and eventually, some touches start to fall out can be seen long before that you must have just stopped taking cocaine.

Many people in the United States appear to take cocaine, and therefore we imagine a lot of you do too. Everyone asks the same type of question: How many grams can I take before the 30-minute rave in my heart will actually kill me?

There is not an answer, unfortunately. There are about 50 milligrams in a mean line.  People have been known to die after snorting 25 milligrams.  Other people can have supposedly fatal levels in their blood (over 2 milligrams per liter) and just break a sweat.  It is dependent upon medical history, tolerance, purity of coke, and your luck.  Each line of cocaine could theoretically cut off the blood supply to your heart, but usually, it does not.


More Serious Effects Of Cocaine

Heart attacks are not fun. Patients describe it as if an army of elephants sits on you. It is like if somebody is tightening an iron belt around your torso until the pain is excruciating.  Except in the case you’re on cocaine, you may not feel any pain, even though some patients noticed a little chest pain.  Many serious coke users have scars in their heart from past heart muscle damage, and they never felt something.

We talked recently with a 26-year-old medical student who came into the ER with chest pain after injecting cocaine with needles he took in the hospital. He did not want to admit his coke usage, which would land him in entire worlds of trouble.  But should you not tell the physician, the drugs to take care of the common heart attack could make you worse or kill you.

Now if you’re searching for reassurance this likely won’t make you feel better. Of the 2,000,000 cocaine users in the United States, about 1800 a year require therapy. About 600 of these people die. It is not an excellent success rate, we confess, but when your heart fails you are done.


How Much Coke Is Too Much?

So, if you still ask yourself: “how much coke is too much?” Sorry, there’s just 1 way you’ll find the answer. But in precisely the exact same way that drinking till you bleed from the butt is like an atomic bomb to your innards, so is snorting too much coke.  Even if it doesn’t kill you, even with enough dedication you will find a uni-nostril and a useless penis. But, whoever really stops using?  Annually?  It tends to be only that unlucky 600.


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