How long does cocaine stay in blood, hair, or urine?

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Cocaine is one of the major addictive drugs in the society today. Just like other drugs in this category, many users take it to feel good and energized. The use of this drug is growing daily among youths and even teenagers.

Cocaine can be taken in different ways. But the aim of taking it is usually the same – to get high. While some prefer to smoke or snort it, others inject it. Apart from the health problems caused by cocaine addiction, users can suffer from other health problems such as staph infections, abscesses, and other infectious diseases as a result of the drug being injected directly into their bloodstream.

If you suspect that your ward may be abusing cocaine, you will need to take him to drug testing to find out for sure. In this article, you will learn about how long cocaine can remain in the system once taken.


Cocaine Detection: How Long Does Cocaine Stay in the Body?

Most people who take cocaine are concerned about how long it will continue to affect them. In most cases, the drug will metabolize within four hours but the traces of the drug are still visible up to a week after use.

Below, we’ve listed the period cocaine can stay in the body:


How Long Does Cocaine Stay in Blood?

Blood testing is one of the major ways to detect cocaine in the body. This procedure requires testing of the user’s blood specifically for cocaine. If you took cocaine in the past 48 hours, traces of it can still be visible. If you suspect that someone is taking cocaine, ensure you test the blood within 48 hours. However, you can try other ways of detecting cocaine in the body such as the hair and the urine.

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How Long Does Cocaine Stay in Urine?

In this regard, cocaine works like other drugs. There is no particular time to detect cocaine from the urine of the user. You have a higher chance of detecting cocaine from the blood of an occasional user 2-4 days after use and from a chronic user up to 10 days after use. However, it is known that cocaine may be excreted from the urine even after several weeks of taking the drug.


How Long Does Cocaine Stay in Hair?

Another way to detect cocaine is to test the hair of suspected user. Cocaine concentrations remain visible in the hair of user at least 90 days after using the drug. This form of testing gives more accurate result than urine, blood, and saliva but it is more expensive.


Are There Some Factors that Can Influence Cocaine Testing?

There are certain factors that can influence the drug testing methods listed above. It is important that you understand how these factors influence drug testing so you can be able to get more accurate result.

Some of these factors include:

  • Height and Weight

The height and the weight of the user can determine how long the drug will be visible in this system.

  • Volume of Cocaine Taken

Another factor that will affect drug testing is the amount of the cocaine taken by the user. A Smaller amount will not stay long in the system while higher dose tends to stay longer.

  • Metabolism Rate

The rate of metabolism of the user is another factor to consider during drug testing. Users with faster metabolism are likely to have a shorter duration during which the drug is visible.

Effects of Cocaine

Effects of Cocaine

Cocaine is a hell of a drug. It has a lot of negative consequences. Most people take this drug to increase their confidence, alertness, decrease fatigue and for the euphoric effects. As a user continues to take this drug, he will develop a tolerance which means he will need a higher dose to become satisfied. Unfortunately, the more he takes cocaine, the more damage he will cause to his body.

Abusing cocaine can lead to a lot of problems such as addiction, cocaine nose, brain damage, kidney failure, psychosis, and even death. Cocaine and alcohol do not go together when taken together with alcohol or other drugs, it increases your health risk and can lead to heart attack or even permanent brain damage.

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Is your Loved One Abusing Cocaine?

If you suspect that your loved one may be taking cocaine, don’t hesitate to take him for drug testing. This will help you to know on time and take steps to stop it before it causes irreversible damage to his body.


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