Cocaine Is Getting Stronger, Drug Experts Warn

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Recently, there have been an intensified campaigns to create awareness on the consequences of drug use especially cocaine. According to news coming out of the UK, cocaine is getting more potent which means it is becoming more dangerous to users.


Increasing Cocaine Use

The research which proves that cocaine is getting stronger in the recent years is backed up by data from the Global Drug Survey. According to this research, the percentage of cocaine users in the United Kingdom that are being sent to A&E has increased in the past three years due to cocaine becoming more potent.

What is more worrisome is that most users know about this increased potency of cocaine and some have even witnessed it kill their friends and yet they kept on taking the substance as a result of their addiction.

According to one of such users, he noticed that cocaine is getting stronger since the beginning of the year but can’t stop himself and his friend from buying it especially during “special occasions.”

“I’ve heard more horror stories too. A friend was out at a club where someone took coke that was nearly 100% pure, and they died” – He said. He admitted getting worried about this trend but can’t stop himself when he is in the “moment’.

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Dangerous Drug

Last month, there were two recorded deaths in East Sussex as a result of the new strength of cocaine hitting the street in the recent time.

Paul Bunt, a policeman, who spent more than ten years as drug strategist at Avon and Somerset Police think that the new potency of cocaine has become a regular pattern since the past three to four years.

“Purity has traditionally been around 20%. It’s now an established thing that we do have higher purity cocaine – 40, 60 and even 80% – regularly available on the street.”- He said.

A medical practitioner, Dr. Adam Winstock who is in charge of the Global Drug Survey is of the opinion that the recent trend in increasing the cocaine structure has reached to an extent where it is causing more serious problems. His agency, this year, asked drug users to share their experiences and they got over 120,000 responses online.

Dr. Winstock explained that the number of people in the United Kingdom in need of emergency medical treatment as a result of cocaine abuse has doubled from 0.5% to 1% over the last three years.

According to him; “They turn up at A&E with panic, anxiety, chest pain. They can’t breathe, they’re too sweaty, they’re agitated. All of the things you would expect when someone’s taken too much coke.”



Cocaine Purity

At the moment, there is no single reason to explain why purity is on the increase. However, one fact believed to be the underlying factor is competition due to the availability of the drug online. Since buyers leave reviews after buying the drug online, most dealers are now competing for good ratings/reviews by making their cocaine stronger to attract more people.

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According to Dr. Winstock: “Seven per cent of the cocaine users we spoke to said the last time they bought coke they bought it on the darknet. This is becoming an increasingly attractive way of people buying drugs without getting involved with gangs and violence.”

There might be another explanation for the increased potency of cocaine in the recent period according to the report by Fiona Measham – a professor of criminology at Durham University. He also runs Loop – a drug testing service.

According to the professor, a small number of police officers in the UK to track drug sales means there’s less focus on enforcing drug laws thereby leading to increase. He thinks it is easier to smuggle drugs into the UK now than in 2008 since border controls are now more worried about illegal immigrants and terrorists than drug dealers.


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