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At a time when there is loads of information on drug and alcohol addiction, it has become almost impossible to find a dependable, reliable source. Addiction Zoom aims to bridge the gap through providing people who are battling drug addiction with reliable, relevant and helpful content. The site provides content that is consistent with making sound decisions and staying focused in the course of drug and substance rehabilitation.

On our site we will educate, inform, enlighten and sensitize on drug addiction and drug recovery. We will provide reliable and factual information on the types of drugs and substances and how each of these affects the body. 

We will give data and statistics regarding the effects of drug addiction. Our content will outline the dangers of drug and alcohol affecting individuals, families and society as a whole. We will focus on the harmful effects of addiction, as well as focus on the cost of this habit.

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We are not all doom and gloom; we also provide our users with content that brings hope to their lives. We believe that all is not lost through drug and alcohol addiction; there is hope, a light at the end of the tunnel. We provide our readers with positive stories of people who have managed to beat addiction.

We give inspiring content to assist people who are struggling with addiction to deal with the challenge positively. Our content also delves into facts, giving tips on how to manage addiction, tried and tested methods, as well as those that have worked in different settings.

You can rely on us to find the assistance needed to beat drug and alcohol related addiction. You are not alone in this. We are here to provide you with information that will inform, inspire and educate you on the dangers of addiction.

You can draw inspiration from people who have successfully dealt with the problem and are on a journey to full drug recovery. We believe it can be done; all you need is acceptance, patience, dedication and resilience. We are your partners in this, providing the most relevant, current, reliable and factual information. We will also provide you with information on places where you can seek help; our

We will also provide you with information on places where you can seek help; our inspiring content will give details on the types of services which can be accessed in various institutions and how you can utilize these services to free yourself from alcohol and drug addiction.

We invite you to walk with us on this journey. We believe that through quality, the factual and current content we will emerge successfully.