7 Warning Signs Of Cocaine Addiction

signs of cocaine addiction

Spotting a cocaine abuser or addict

Cocaine isn’t selective as it affects people from all walks of life irrespective of their age, economic status, ethnicity, gender, and religion. Its popularity comes from the fast high that an individual attains when they inject or snort it. Unfortunately for the recreational user, the high does not last that long and leaves the consumer craving for more. Once their tolerance builds up, they become addicted to or dependent on the drug.

Should you suspect a relative or your loved ones have a cocaine issue but you’re unsure what to search for, here’s a listing of cocaine side effects to search for to affirm your suspicions.


7 Warning Signs Of Cocaine Addiction

#1 Nosebleeds eventually become a frequent thing

Snorting cocaine dries out the nostrils along with the sinus cavities while it is also destroying the fragile membranes within the individual’s nose. When this happens, nosebleeds become common and the person begins to have a continually runny or stuffy nose.

#2 The person crashes when the high wears off

Following prolonged binges, among the more prevalent cocaine side effects is that the individual loses his energy and sleeps for overly long intervals, occasionally for days at a time.

#3 Problems with money

Cocaine addiction isn’t affordable for a person with low income. It is among the more expensive drugs on the street and people are known to run out of cash and even blow through their life savings to be able to feed their addiction. When the persons begin borrowing money or selling off their possessions, this is definitely a warning sign they’re addicted to cocaine.

#4 Cocaine takes control of their life

They are not interested in their nearest friends anymore and get started performing poorly on the job or at college. The responsibility and activity that was significant to them have taken a back seat to cocaine and keeping up a constant supply of it. They may flunk out of school, lose their jobs, but above all, they will hurt those they love.

#5 The abuser or addict will operate with another group of peers

Since older buddies are chucked to the wayside, they will begin hanging out with individuals that are abusing cocaine or so are hooked on the drug. This new group of buddies act in co-dependent manners, never condemning their fellow abusers.

#6 Anxiety strikes and paranoia sets in

Since the dependence or reliance upon cocaine progresses and becomes much more intense, changes from the mind and its functions happen. Different psychological symptoms like believing that folks are out to get them the walls are closing in around them begin occurring with regularity. The individual may also begin suffering from chest pains and heavy sweating.

#7 Individuals that are under the influence of cocaine have a tendency to speak rapidly

This is mostly on account of this euphoric “rush” that folks experience when they’re using cocaine. When cocaine side effects kick in, one of these is known as a manic energy episode where they undergo periods of grandiose thought and talk extremely fast.

Immediate and long-term cocaine side effects

Among the more prevalent facets of cocaine side effects is they will occur in a number of unique systems of the human body. These affected systems include:

  • Cardiovascular
  • Gastrointestinal
  • Nervous
  • Ocular
  • Respiratory

More importantly, side effects exhibited by cocaine can be instantaneous in addition to long-term effects based on the harshness of the misuse or addiction.

The immediate cocaine side effects which one typically feels are aggression, the desire to have sex, a sense of greater alertness, greater energy levels, loss of appetite, a propensity to take huge risks, and a sense of being aroused. Other side effects include dilated pupils, an increase in heart and respiratory rates, rapid body movements, and a rise in body temperature.


Larger doses of cocaine could have more critical results or side effects such as:

  • Agitation
  • Aggression
  • Chest pain
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Dizziness
  • Heart attack
  • Headaches (leading with a growth in blood pressure)
  • Loss of sexual fascination
  • Nervousness
  • Panic
  • Psychotic episodes (the individual starts viewing and hearing things that actually don’t exist)
  • Restlessness


Once the abuse, addiction, or dependence on the cocaine grows more severe, the danger of creating long-term cocaine unwanted effects increases.

These long-term effects comprise:

  • Collapse of this nasal septum and nosebleeds caused by the repeated snorting of cocaine
  • Daily dependence on cocaine so as to function every day
  • Larger risk of blood poisoning, Hepatitis C or B infection, HIV, and epidermis abscesses
  • Mediocre interpersonal relationships due to being overly aggressive
  • Housing, cash, and performance issues

Additionally, as soon as a person smokes crack cocaine (the freebase kind of cocaine), they could develop breathing problems, chest pain, a long-term cough, and lung damage. Even more dangerous is the possibility of suffering a heroin overdose. This can lead to breathing difficulties; a rapid, irregular or weak pulse; heart failure; a rupture the brain’s blood vessels; and most of all, a death due to overdose.


Cocaine Therapy

The most important thing is that if a loved one is experiencing cocaine side effects because of abuse or dependence on the cocaine, you ought to acquire expert assistance immediately by contacting a respectable addiction therapy and recovery center. The addiction professionals and medical staff members of those facilities specialize in all aspects of substance abuse and addiction. Their experience involves helping you overcome and recover from your own problems.

In case you have been looking for the addiction rehabilitation program, our staff will be able to assist you. Please contact our caring staff members now to find out more about our 5-Phase Step-Down Model that is one of the most effective addiction rehabilitation programs. You can call the toll-free phone number below. We are here to assist you with your problems 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.


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