10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Cocaine

There is always a lot of information that we have not heard before. The world is a busy place and our time is too short to learn about any topic we are interested in.

In particular, people who use cocaine usually don’t know much about this drug. They only enjoy the feeling that brings them a short pleasure so they can forget about their daily problems.


Alarming Cocaine Facts

The research has shown that people don’t try to figure out where the cocaine was produced and what was the initial price of cocaine. It usually starts from $5 per gram and sells in the US for at least 100 dollars. It means that the drug dealers are becoming rich by buying the cocaine and selling to another dealer for higher price.

As the data shows, there is still a huge market in the US. In fact, almost 6 million US citizens used cocaine at least once in the last year. Many of them are under the age of 18, damaging their body and brain.

Media reports the cocaine deaths every day. It is no surprise that most of the deaths are caused by a lack of information and facts about this dangerous drug.

cocaine facts


In this amazing video, you will see stunning facts that you probably haven’t heard about cocaine before.

You can see the highlights below:


#1 How many Americans will try cocaine for the first time in the next 24 hours?

#2 How many % of US dollar bills carry traces of cocaine?

#3 Why so many babies are born addicted to cocaine?

#4 Does global sales of cocaine earned more than Microsoft?

$5 What are your chances of having a heart attack within the hour?

#6 What is the most popular type of cocaine?

#7 Why Coca-Cola shares the same nickname as cocaine does?

#8 What country is the world’s biggest cocaine producer?

#9 Can cupcakes be as addictive as cocaine does?

#10 Does cocaine bring inspiration and energy?



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